• Where Are the Candidates for Well Drilling Jobs?

    Check out our latest story in National Driller Magazine about our quest to recruit and retain qualified drilling crews!   Read the article here! WHERE ARE THE CANDIDATES FOR WELL DRILLING JOBS? On countless occasions, I have found myself having a glass of wine with girlfriends fielding questions about my life in a small, family…

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  • Andrews & Foster publishes another article with National Driller!

    Ashley Foster, of Andrews & Foster, published a second article in National Driller last month.  Read all about the custom application A&F created to streamline communications between the field and the office!   Contact for more info.  Read the article here.

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  • USGS Study Reveals Corrosive Groundwater Potential by State

    “Fortunately, in most areas of the country and with appropriate safeguards, the majority of homeowners can get good quality drinking water from private wells,” says Stephen Moulton II, chief of the USGS National Water-Quality Program. “But this study is a good reminder that prudent, routine testing of the water, including its interaction with the water…

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  • Is Your Well Infected? Disinfect It Before You Drink It!

    If your private well is flooded, do not use water from it before: The floodwaters have receded from the wellhead and your plumbing system. You have disinfected the well and your plumbing system. You have sampled your water and received a lab report confirming that the disinfected water contained no harmful organisms. Follow these instructions…

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  • You Know the Drill: Drilling Meets Cloud Data

    Foster has a passion for public health, and after studying political science and public health at George Washington University, she stayed in Washington, D.C., professionally immersing herself in those fields. She long considered her career path completely unrelated to Andrews & Foster, but over the years she says she came to realize that both realities…

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