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With a rich heritage of providing valuable land resource services,

Andrews & Foster has maintained an 80 year record of leading the industry, with a commitment to quality, the highest standards of safety, and delivery of value-based client solutions that exceed expectations. We continue to pave the way in groundwater resource development and stewardship, focusing efforts on providing our clients with valuation services and planning for development and utilization. A&F is positioned to provide a range of specialized services and ongoing support with expert consultation and long-term land planning and maintenance to its clients for years to come.


80 years of discovering land value.

Andrews & Foster, a family-owned, full service drilling,

exploration and development firm, has 80 years of experience serving clients ranging from individual homeowners, farmers and ranchers to multinational corporations. With expertise in several types of drilling and exploration, A&F has achieved excellence from its beginning. With the goal of bringing water to homeowners, ranchers and farmers in East Texas, M.C. Andrews Sr. purchased a single drilling rig in 1940, marking the official founding of Andrews Drilling Company. As rural communities grew throughout the 1940s, the demand for water increased; as a result, the company prospered. In 1952, Andrews’ daughter Betty married Donald D. Foster who later became an integral part of the company; so integral, in fact, that the company was eventually renamed to Andrews & Foster Drilling Company. With the help of Foster, the services offered by the company were expanded to include water well drilling for both individuals and entire communities, which is a service that remains a staple of the company to this day. Twenty years later, after learning the business inside and out, Foster’s son, Donald (Don) Foster, joined the family business full-time in 1982. Since then, Andrews & Foster has participated in numerous projects throughout the United States, Western Europe, and Asia. The family legacy continues today with Don, as company president, and his daughter Ashley, vice president.

We are A&F.

It all starts with great leadership.

  • Donald A. Foster

    Don is the third generation leader of Andrews & Foster. He has more than 35 years of experience in the drilling industry, with emphasis on groundwater, environmental and natural resources investigations. His extensive field experience and industry expertise combined with his business knowledge are the foundation upon which he continues to lead A&F today.

  • Ashley H. Foster

    Ashley is the fourth generation leader of Andrews & Foster.  Ashley leads the accounting, compliance, legal, health and safety, recruitment, human resources and compliance divisions of A&F.

  • Bob Davis

    Bob has extensive experience in the steel and construction industry. His experience and supporting advice to the President, Donald Foster, provides insight in the areas of finance, marketing and future visioning.

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