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More than the eye can see.

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Land Value Enhancement

Your land value is more than just acres. With our systematic and scientific process of resource proving and planning, Andrews & Foster can provide landowners a valuation of their water resources through a determination of resource availability, usability, cost of extraction, and potential use by the land owner.


Groundwater Exploration

For more than 70 years, we’ve helped clients seeking to identify, evaluate and utilize their water resources. Through exploration and development, we identify presence of groundwater, test its quality and quantity, evaluate its cost of use and provide recommendations for development and management of improvement efforts over time.


Water Wells

With 75 years of experience in groundwater exploration and development, A&F has the expertise to provide a complete spectrum of groundwater related services from the identification and development of new water sources to the complete rehabilitation of existing water wells.


Well Maintenance

Once a water well has been installed, routine monitoring and maintenance is crucial to ensure the lasting performance and quality of your water delivery. Through our assessment and preventive maintenance programs, we can help ensure the life and health of your well for years to come, avoiding costly,

Blue Pipeline

Cathodic Protection

Andrews & Foster has over 20 years of experience supporting the installation of cathodic protection systems for pipelines and tank farms. We provide the drilling services and subject matter expertise to oil and gas, pipeline and cathodic protection companies.


Irrigation Systems

A crucial need for water resource utilization has been, and will continue to be, irrigation of our client’s land. With decades of experience in irrigation planning, installation of equipment and maintenance, A&F can provide full-service irrigation services for a range of client projects including installation of premium K-Line


Specialty Services

Whether you’re looking for specialty drilling services, clearing and grubbing, or trenching projects, Andrews & Foster can assist. With decades of experience, Andrews & Foster is equipped with the skills to provide a diverse array of technical and support services to ensure that your project is completed both